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Security Advice

eJoblinks Job Portal is a Online platform. That Connects Job seekers & Employers.

We are not into placement consultancy or a Recruitment firm consulting, Staffing activities.

Your Security on :

At, we are committed to help you. eJoblinks is Dedicated to providing the Safest possible options for Jobseekers to Search Jobs & built your carrier. does not charge any fee at any stage of its regular practice, from the candidate nor allows their associates and Franchisees to collect any fee from any candidate.

eJoblinks as not Authorized any Individual or Company to acquire any kind of Placement from Jobseeker towards eJoblinks or Towards any Individual job Regular process.

eJoblinks shall not be held liable or Responsible for such fake Individuals & Recruiters or their false promise for Jobs nor any loss or Damage Incurred by such parties who intend to use their services which they do so at their own risk & cost.

Know about important security measures :

  • Never share any of your financial information including your bank account, credit card/debit card/net banking details over phone or email.

  • Do not provide your login information including user id and password to any other person to avoid misuse.

Reporting Fraud :

If you see a questionable Job Posting or any potential misuse of the Site or the brand, Please report the suspected fraud to If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the committed fraud to So that the required steps can be taken for your safety. Educate yourself on phishing and spoofing internet fraud scam.

More information about phishing scams and how you can protect yourself .Explain below.

What’s 'phishing' all about – and how do I spot it? 
Phishing emails are used to fraudulently obtain personal identification and account information. They can also be used to lure the recipient into downloading malicious software. The message will often suggest there are issues with the recipient's account that requires immediate attention. A link will also be provided to a spoof website where the recipient will be asked to provide personal/account information or download malicious software. eJobLinks will never ask you to download software in order to access your account or use our services.

Know about Phishing :

Phishing refers to an attempt by a fraudster or a group of cyber-criminals (known as Phishers) who create an imitation or copy of an existing legitimate Web page to trick Users into providing sensitive personal information. Responding to “phishing” emails put User’s accounts at risk. Usually a phishing-attack is done in combination with email spam. Spamming is simply to send millions of emails with one mouse click. This way phishers can reach a huge target population very fast.

To increase the number of responses, cyber-criminals include upsetting or exciting statements in their emails to get people to react immediately and respond with the desired information without thinking. To protect yourself, take the time to examine the claims made in the email. If you receive an email requesting sensitive information, check its authenticity by contacting the company that appears to be the originator of the email.

To know more about Phishing scams, Users can login on : to: 

How is it different than 'spoofing'? 
Spoof emails often include a fraudulent offer of employment and/or the invitation to serve as a go-between for payment processing or money transfers. This scam is primarily directed at a general audience, but it can also reach eJoblinks members who have included contact information on their resume. Like with phishing emails, the sender's address is often disguised. 

Know about Email Spoofing :

In email spoofing, the sender’s address and other parts of the e-mail header are altered to appear as if the e-mail is originated from a different source. Besides, the sender may not have shared the right contact address details (physical and email) including phone numbers.

Users can be contacted through spoof emails offering fraudulent or suspicious job offers and/or inviting the Users to carry out financial transaction or requesting them for making advance fees. Regrettably, such email spoofing is a common phenomenon world-wide which could potentially target any person – including innocent jobseekers registered with us.The jobseekers need to take the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard themselves from email spoofing.


To know more about Email Spoofing, Users can login on to:

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